PUBG (Players Unknown Battel Ground) Released Worldwide | How to Download PUBG in Mobile

If you’ve been hankering to start kicking ass and taking names in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds aka PUBG, you’ll be glad to know that the blockbuster multiplayer game is now available on Android and iOS for free in the US and 122 other regions across the globe.

PUBG Mobile is rolling out slowly across the globe and while the U.S. and Canada have already seen the game drop in the iOS and Android app stores, users in Europe and the U.K. have to wait a bit longer to play. We’ll update this post once it releases in other countries. Tencent, the game’s publisher, said “more regions will be added at a later date.” In the app, a notice mentions that PUBG Mobile is being “released gradually” and is based on the “time zone of each region

Assuming the mobile port of PUBG is a success, the game will become a true powerhouse and has potential to break video game sales records. Alternatively, Tencent may opt to ditch PUBG‘s initial asking price and make a profit using the game’s loot box system and microtransactions. Either way, it’s hard to see how a mobile version of PUBG won’t be a big moneymaker for everyone involved.

On top of the mobile game and the landmark PC release, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is also scheduled to make its console debut sooner rather than later. As announced at E3 earlier this year, PUBG is releasing in early access as an Xbox One console exclusive on December 12th. Out of all the versions of the game, it will be interesting to see which one becomes the most popular when it’s all said and done.

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