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In the future novel optochips that combine lasers with electronics will dramatically reduce the size of technology devices (Holey Optochip image courtesy of IBM).

Research into a new type of laser will dramatically improve future devices used for sensing and in communications, according to scientists at the University.

In a paper recently published in Physical Review B, researchers from the Department of Physics demonstrate their work into bosonic lasers which emit terahertz radiation

Optic communications encompass all technologies that use light and transmit through fiber optic cables, such as the Internet, email, text messages, phone calls, the cloud and data centers, among others.

Optic communications are super fast but in microchips they become unreliable and difficult to replicate in large quantities.

Now, by using a Metal-Oxide-Nitride-Oxide-Silicon (MONOS) structure, Levy and his team have come up with a new integrated circuit that uses flash memory technology – the kind used in flash drives and discs-on-key – in microchips.

Optic communications are tremendous quick however in microchips they develop into unreliable and troublesome to duplicate in giant portions.

Now, by utilizing a Metal-Oxide-Nitride-Oxide-Silicon (MONOS) construction, Levy and his staff have give you a brand new built-in circuit that makes use of flash reminiscence expertise – the sort utilized in flash drives and discs-on-key – in microchips.

If profitable, this expertise will allow customary Eight-16 gigahertz computer systems to run 100 instances sooner and can deliver all optic units nearer to the holy grail of communications — the terahertz chip, the research stated

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