Honor 10 Lite vs Xiaomi Redmi Note 6 Pro vs Huawei Y9 | Price, Camera, Specification

Honor 10 Lite Camera
Honor 10 Lite Camera

Honor 10 Lite has been officially launched in India. If you’re a techie, you may probably know that how Honor 9 Lite came out next year with amazing specs. A whole year passed by, and right now competition is really tough in budget smartphones. Do you think that Honor 10 Lite will get fame like the Honor 9 Lite? Let’s compare it with its two opponents in the market, Redmi Note 6 Pro and Huawei Y9. You’ll get an idea which one should you go for!

Honor 10 Lite vs Xiaomi Redmi Note 6 Pro vs Huawei Y9


The new Honor 10 Lite features a powerful 24MP selfie camera and a dual camera setup with 13MP+2MP at rear side. Xiaomi Redmi Note 6 Pro comes with a strong selfie shooter of 20MP + 2MP, along with 12MP +  5MP setup at the back. While Huawei Y9 gives you a 16MP + 2MP at rear side and 13MP + 2MP for selfies. There’s really tough competition in the camera department.


Features & Specifications

Xiaomi Redmi Note 6 Pro is powered by the usual Snapdragon 636 processor. While Huawei and Honor come with a unique HiSilicon Kirin 710 chipset. Techies confirmed that the HiSilicon works better than this Snapdragon chipset in Note 6 Pro.

The New Honor 10 Lite comes with the Latest Android 9.0 whereas the other two are shipped with Android Oreo Support. If you’re from those who want better battery life, then you can choose from Huawei and Xiaomi as they both feature 4000mAh capacity while the Honor 10 Lite comes with 3400mAh. But as per my concern, 3400mAh isn’t too bad.

Huawei Y9
Huawei Y9

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Talking about the Displays, there isn’t any much difference in display quality of these phones. All of these three phones come with a 6-inches Full HD display. The only difference you can notice in the display is the notch size on the phones. The Redmi Note 6 Pro comes with a large notch at the top. Whereas Y9 and Honor 10 Lite follows the size in descending order. If you want a cute water dew notch, Honor 10 Lite is the one for you.

Price and Variants

The Redmi and Honor phones will cost you around Rs. 13,999 for the 4GB/64GB variant. If you go upward, Honor 10 Lite with 6GB/64GB version will cost you Rs. 17,999 whereas Redmi Note 6 Pro has priced Rs. 15,999 for the 6GB/64GB variant. Talking about the Huawei Y9, it only comes with a single variant of 4GB RAM and 64GB Internal Storage for Rs. 15,990.

Redmi Note 6 Pro
Redmi Note 6 Pro

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Without throwing you here and there, let me come to the point. All of these three phones are powerful in hands. But in comparison against each other, I’ll recommend you to choose the new Honor 10 Lite instead of Note 6 Pro and Huawei.

As talked above, HiSilicon chipset makes Honor 10 Lite more powerful than Note 6 Pro. And in comparison with Huawei, Honor 10 Lite looks more convenient with a less price for its base variant.

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