Fortnite coming soon on iOS  and Android mobile phones

Fortnite game is on top now days. This game is very similar to PUBG (Players Unknown Battel Ground). The game will be expanding beyond its home on consoles and PC/Mac with the launch of “Fortnite Mobile” in iOS 12th March, players can begin signing up for an invite to play on iOS. The company says it will be adding players over “the coming months” so it sounds like this is still going to be very much in the trial phase.

Fortnite on mobile will support cross-play and cross-progression “in partnership with our friends at Sony”. This means that PlayStation 4, PC, Mac, iOS, and eventually Android, users will all be able to team up and play together. Xbox One players are notably excluded from the cross-play fun, however. Microsoft, of course, struck its own last-man-standing exclusivity deal with PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds last year.

Fortnite’s patch V.3.1.0 brought the hunting rifle with it, and Epic also announced the addition of jetpacks. The title recently became the most-watched and most-streamed game on Twitch, with double the amount of PUBG’s viewers on the platform. The popularity of the game has seen Fortnite streamers getting a huge bump in Twitch subscriptions, which has been attributed to Twitch Prime’s free channel subscriptions.

Epic Games also says support for Android will be coming “in the next few months.”


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