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Who should buy Jio Phone 2 ? Jio phone 2 price and specifications

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Jio. Who doesn’t know about this company in India? It has revolutionized the way we use data in our country. Mobile data is one of the most important and the most cheapest in India. But, the problem with internet is that it is not accessable by everyone. Teens, Business personals, people in metro cities, etc know how to use the internet. But simultaneously old people and people who stay in villages or in far-fetched areas are not that internet savy. The problem being is less connectivity and the prices of Smartphones. India is a developing country where everyone won’t have the budget of buying a smartphone. But we have jio to cover it up. Reliance launched the jio phone at an effectively free price. It was one of the most successful smartphone or I should say feature phone of 2017. it got non internet savvy people connected to the internet too.

Jio revolutionized the way we use data in our country and simultaneously it has got many people connected to the internet. How many people who have been using 2G for a very long time have got connected to 4G. Jio phone was just the beginning and we didn’t see this coming but on July 5th jio launch the successor to its jio phone the Jio phone 2. So let’s know what it has in store for us this time.

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The jio phone 1 was an extremely successful device but it had its share of problems. Jio looks to resolve all of the problems of the jio phone 1 in its jio phone 2. The biggest change or the biggest noticeable change is that this time jio phone comes with a qwerty keypad. Remember the times of BlackBerry? it has returned. The jio phone comes within 2.4 inch QVGA display. it has a 2000 MaH battery. It’s so it’s certain that it supports for 4G VoLTE & VoWIFI. It is running on the same KAI OS like its predecessor. And one more noticeable change from the jio in the jio phone to is that the jio phone to support dual sim so if you have a SIM from a different network operator like Vodafone or Airtel you can operate it in the jio phone.

The jio phone to have 512 MB of Ram and 4GB of internal oil storage which you can expand using a micro SD card upto 128 GB. it supports Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, NFC, FM radio and GPS. Sadly again this time around we don’t see support of Wi-Fi hotspot. It has a 2-megapixel rear camera and VGA front camera for your video calls. Jio Phone 2 is a feature packed device but if you own a smartphone then it’s not for you. jio phone is for those people who have never used a smartphone, who have not use the internet at all or just starting on it. Jio is trying to connect the majority of the Indian audience to the internet and the world around it. After all what do we want we want our people to be educated in all forms whether it would be school education or internet education because internet is the tomorrow and if you are still not using the internet you will be stuck in yesterday.

The vision of jio is bright and it has brought a new revolution in our country but if you go on trying something new you will face the sets of pros and cons and we as consumer need to understand that we cannot expect everything from one company. If you expect the jio phone to do everything then you should better look for good smartphone rather than a feature phone. This phone is for people in the villages. This phone is for people who are uneducated about the world of internet. This phone is for people who need extra backup phone if their smartphone gives up or just an additional phone for their work. If you are a student and you are internet Savvy then you should better go look for a smartphone. This is not recommended to people who used smartphones because jio phone will only be a downgrade.

All in all jio has you covered in All the departments. The jio phone to seems to be a complete package for people who want to use feature phones. Jio phone to is launched at an affordable price of Rs 2999 and it will be available from the 15th of August. So we have to see how to jio sim and does it live up to all the hype and expectations? And does it reach to the success that its predecessor received? Only time will tell.


Jio Phone can be exchanged for Jio Phone 2 at Rs 501 and if you want to upgrade its definitely a great deal for you and also you will get the most used application on any smartphone WhatsApp  now on your jio phone and jio phone 2. Youtube and facebook apps for these feature phones will also be available from August 15 .Now you don’t have to use them on your browser but you wil get the actual apps.

All in all jio phone 2 is a great phone but it cannot act as smartphone. It has to be the feature phone which can act as your secondary phone or bridge the gap between category of feature phone and smartphone.

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