PUBG PC Lite is Here Now You Can Download and Play in India

pubg pc lite

Finally, the PUBG PC Lite is here. Now you can download and play PUBG PC Lite in India. You know what, this game is free! Unlike average PUBG PC that costs around $29. As we know, PUBG is a top-rated game, so that’s why Tencent decided to launch this game at free of cost. You can even play this game at low-end PCs and Laptops.

PUBG Lite for PC is still in its beta stage, so you might come across some bugs. There are only three maps in the game at this moment – Erangel, Sanhok and Miramar.

PC Requirements for PUBG PC Lite

As this game has developed for lower-end PCs, You can play this game smoothly just on Intel Core i3 or Ryzen 3 (minimum suggested 2.4Ghz). Minimum RAM recommended is 4GB. DirectX11 Intel HD Graphics 4000 is also required. You can play this game on Windows 7,8 and Windows 10. If you want to play this game at full settings, you can play on Intel Core i5 with Nvidia Geforce GTX 660 or AMD Radeon HD 7870.

How to Install PUBG PC Lite

how to download pubg pc lite

If you have PC configurations as shown above, then you can go to the PUBG PC Lite website of PUBG PC Lite. To directly go to that site, click here. You will get PUBG PC Lite launcher from that site. The size of the game is 64MB. After downloading the launcher, you can run the setup to install the PUBG PC Lite. The total size of the game is 2GB.  After completing the download, you can sign in with your PUBG account and play.


Players who pre-registered for the PUBG PC Lite will get some free stuff – a black scarf, punk glasses, bloody combat pants, etc.

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