Now you can do Crypto-to-Crypto Trading in India with Koinex

Crypto to Crypto Trading With Koinex

Crypto to Crypto Trading With KoinexKoinex, a digital assets exchange, commenced crypto-to-crypto trading at nil price tag on its netting and mobile platforms with the launch of 15 pairs of tokens which will be on hand for trading completely from the start.

“Our platform is built with the quickness and methodological intelligence to adapt to any marketplace requirement. We were deliberating on the doable new offerings on Koinex and a lot of of our traders articulated be of interest for a crypto-to-crypto trading corridor. Our feelings matched and we expedited the platform integration and in the present day are scenery to proffer our complete crypto-pair garland for textbook trading, and loads of further such surprises are in the pipeline to enchant our users,” said Rahul Raj, Co-Founder and chief executive of Koinex.

Crypto Trading

A token built for online transactions (sale and purchase of goods and services) is a crypto-currency, while a token built to be used on the proprietary blockchain product or platform is a utility token.

The crypto-market has been in dismay since the twitch of the day appointed to the unclear endure on crypto-assets by the regulators and gear expand took a downhill spiral with the Reserve deposit of India (RBI) directive reprimanding banks from partnering with crypto-entities. In these unclear times, it is imperative for exchanges to utilise the present timeframe to methodically strategise their aspect send on in the domestic market.

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