Casio launched a new smartwatch with Wear OS | Casio PRO TREK WSD-F20A

Climbing the side of mountain

Casio is back with a new Pro Trek lineup smartwatch, the WSD-F20A. As the name implies, this model is designed for hikers and other wearers who engage in outdoor adventures. The Pro Trek features a round display and, among other things, Google’s Wear OS platform. Users get access to high durability and offline maps. Casio will launch this model in the United States next month.

Powered by Google’s latest Wear OS the WSD-F20A earns its outdoor smarts through the provision of GPS and onboard full-color offline maps.

Casio’s USP is that it’s actually packing dual 1.32 inch 320×300-pixel dual layer displays. A color TFT LCD and monochrome LCD. Using the monochrome LCD display to ‘sip’ battery provides up to a month of battery life in ‘timekeeping’ mode. Of course, using the full-color display and GPS will drastically reduce battery life to fall in line with other similarly powered Wear OS smartwatches.

The company looked to its G-Shock line to design the fittings of the F20A as it is encased in durable resin parts to absorb shock from drops or bumps. Water is also not a problem for the F20A as it resists water for up to 50 metres; a great watch to wear while snorkelling or swimming in the jungle.

Thanks to Wear OS, both Android and iOS smartphones can be synced to the F20A. The watch comes with support for popular tracking apps such as ViewRanger, Hole19, and Fishbrain. There is also a built-in microphone to reply back notifications sent to the watch. Casio is expecting to ship the WSD-F20A sometime in May with a sticker price of US$399 (Rs.26,200 ) in Indigo Blue.

Late last month, Casio had unveiled the limited edition WSD-F20SC smartwatch of which only 700 units are said to be up for grabs once it goes on sale in late June this year. This wearable has similar specifications when compared with the WSD-F20A. Additionally, the Casio WSD-F20 was also showcased at CES 2018 as part of the company’s extensive Pro Trek smartwatch lineup.

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