WhatsApp is Going to Roll Out ‘Frequently Forwarded’ Message Label Feature Soon

frequently forwarded whatsapp

Whatsapp is begun rolling a new update for WhatsApp users which will tell users when a message has been forwarded many times. This update will help to stop spamming, and unwanted threads and this update will be helpful for users.

Android and ios both the devices will get these updates soon. After forwarding messages five times it will show a label of Frequently forwarded When this label shows to users will now that this message delivers to five users or sent five times. when the user will see the label they can get an idea about this message is spam or not.

Whatsapp Spokesperson said – “We have recently introduced an update to our forwarded message label that helps people identify when they have received messages that previously were forwarded several times, like a chain message. These highly delivered messages will be marked with a double arrow and users will receive a notification when they are forwarding such a message,”

Whatsapp is also preparing to launch payment service “WhatsApp Pay” soon. Global Head of WhatsApp Will Cathcart said that the company was aiming to roll-out the service by the end of this year.

Spamming is increasing day by day, and Users don’t want that, it spreads Fake news and Violence. Big companies like Google, Facebook etc. respect their users and fix issues and provide updates. Whatsapp will soon roll out this feature, and it will help to decrease spam.

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