iOS 12 Concept is here, Let’s Take a look at IOS 12

iOS 12 is a must thing which will become in the next iPhone and it’s specially designed for notched mobiles. iOS 12 focuses on stability and performance, the most important factors of the perfect software platform. Of course we also added some nice new features. This concept is a visualization of our iOS 12 wishes. There are some features following down, which will become in iOS 12

A Refreshed Home Screen
IOS begins this concept with a refreshed home screen. IOS will be deleted the app names to make it much clearer

Sound Bar
iOS will be introduced the sound bar. A better way to change the volume. The volume be moved to upper side

Face ID
IPhone will be unlock now automatically. You don’t need to swipe to unlock it will be unlocked after scanning

In latest safari search bar will be moved to the bottom

Split View
Split mode is not a new feature, it’s already working on the Apple iPod with split view you can easily use two apps at a time

Call notifications will become smaller and grouped notifications will be shown on screen

Camera Interface
The new camera interface will be totally changed, you can change camera settings easily like pro mode

App Bar
App Bar is very similar to Samsung edge slide you can add your favorite apps and you can customize App Bar, it may be also add automatically most used apps

If want to more about Ios 12 you can see some screenshots here:-

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