Google Maps launched a game Where’s Waldo

In honor of April Fools’ Day, the beloved kids book series ‘Where’s Waldo’ is about to become a game on Google Maps! Here’s all the details!

Remember Where’s Waldo? Sure you do! He’s a world-traveler who is known for his red-and-white striped shirt and hat, which readers search for in the popular children’s book series. Well, it turns out Waldo is back! Google Maps announced that they are rolling out a mini game on Google Maps for fans of the books for Android, iOS and desktops, according to The Verge. This is apparently one of Google’s annual April Fools’ Day pranks… however we don’t quite see the prank.

The Google Maps minigame reproduces original drawings from the series, but tags them as real locations including a beach in Australia and a ski slope in Chile. Players must scroll around the images to find Waldo and his friends. You’ll have to find Waldo in each map before advancing to the next one. The Google version arguably adds some fun to the exercise, including by tracking which characters you’ve found in each illustration.

The minigame is already active in the desktop version of Maps, where it can be accessed through a pop-up image of Waldo on the edge of the app. According to The Verge, it should also be available on Android and iOS versions starting some time Saturday, and will be active for a week.

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